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Static Streches (New -added October 2021)

Click on this link to see the FOUNDATION TRAINING video.

In-Season Weekly Workout

Do these on your Easy Days and alternate them with Foundation Training on other days:

NOTE: If you feel one cycle of the circuit was not enough, feel free to do another one.

A note from Coach Richardson...

Besides the training Coach Fresella gives the team, I'd say the next best thing they can do is work on Stretches and Rolling. Only then can we really learn the benefit of stability and mobilization. Many times, when runners come to me with pain, the damage is done for the immediate time being and very little can be done to recover for the sake of running in the near future. If athletes will practice good techniques in these areas, they are being proactive and it certainly will slow down any potential risks. Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Click to links below for some links to some helpful videos on stretches, mobilization with ball or foam roller and shin splints.

Form Tips

During Runs: Things to think on when on your regular runs. Don't try to think of all of them, pick one or two ONLY and focus on those things for that particular run.

-Strong, straight posture, back straight with minimal arch in the lower back. (The tighter the bow string, the great the launch of the arrow)

-Head up/looking at horizon.

-Arm swing, tight between hips and ribs, majority of swing behind body.

-Quick cadence, 165-180 steps/min. (think 4/4 time at 180 bpm)

*Helps: using a metronome/listening to a playlist of hits w/a 170-180 bpm

HINT: Faster the arm swing, the legs must follow

-Toeing off foot and lifting heel in the back side part of stride.

-Focus more on what happens with feet behind you than what happens when knees are in front (hopefully, the pendulum is swinging equally on both sides of the body).

-Landing as close as you can with your foot underneath the body (best place for the "loading phase.")

-Pick a couple of things to work on with a partner and do a regular periodic check with each other.

BONUS 1: Video each other in the middle of the run or after and send it to that person. Perhaps discuss what is seen. Send it to a coach if you'd like.

BONUS 2: If terrain permits, run the last .25 mile of your run in your socks or bare feet. Generally, this points out a lot of your form.

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