While it is my greatest desire for you to be at the Off-season C&S at OC’s campus, I know miles and schedules won’t allow that for everyone. That does not mean you are off the hook! There are many things you can do to prepare yourself for the next running season and, hopefully, an injury free season. So, let’s look at what we might do while we’re away….

The workouts will be divided into 2 major systems, the intent is to work out 2-3 days/per week.

Here’s what a sample how of 2 or 3 times per week might look like:

The Perfect Workout can be found here.

Hopefully, the Hips/Glutes/Calve/Tibialis and Stretching can be found in the same place. But just in case, I’ll put the exercises and explanations here:

Examples of Exercises

Spanish Squats:  (2 sets/10-15 reps)

Banded Drive Thru:  (2 sets/10-15 reps)

Banded Hip (Heel) Drag:  (2 sets/10-15 reps)

Nordic Hamstring Curl:  (1:00) (2 sets/5-8 reps)

Reverse Nordic: (4:25) (2 sets/ 5-8 reps)

Decline Squat:  (6:18)

Resisted Hip Flexions: (13:11)

*Use tied band, step on one side, toe in loop and raise foot

Resisted Ankle Dorsiflexion: (16:07)

Seated Leg Lifts:

Bended Calf Raises:

One legged DL:  (arms doing running forms)


If you plan on visiting me for C&S once a week, then lets discuss how to work this in to your routines.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



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