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Static stretching should be done AFTER you are through with your workouts. Stick with dynamics till then.

Stretch until you feel the tightness engaged and not beyond. No bouncing or forcing beyond this.

HOLD for approximately 20-30 seconds.

You should alternate stretching with rolling after workouts.

Lunge position

  • Clinch glute, tilt hip, HOLD

  • Lean away from open side, HOLD

  • Grab back ankle,pull towards glute, HOLD

Lunge position:

  • Twist away from open side, torso tall & straight

  • Back of opposite hand goes against front knee, arm on same side of knee extends towards back, stretching upper body, HOLD

Video for next set of stretches:


Lunge position

  • Lean into hurdler position

  • Front heel stays on ground

  • Hands flat on ground each side of bent knee, HOLD

  • Shift stretch forward till heel comes off the ground

  • Lean further into stretch, stretching Achilles, HOLD

  • Press upon toes stretching arches, HOLD

Lunge position:

  • Extend front leg, rest heel on ground, flex toes back towards knee, HOLD

  • Keeping upper torso straight, facing forward, point opposing hip towards flexed toes, HOLD

Pigeon position: variations, pick one.

Child pose stretch: variations in knee position. Pick one.

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